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The Wrocław Good Beer Festival is now the largest event of its kind in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. It promotes unique beer from small and medium-sized breweries from Poland and abroad.

The very name of the Festival guarantees that by attending you will get to drink some of the best beers, many of which will surprise you with their diversity and encourage you to further explore this rich world – the world of good beer.

But the Festival is not just about tasting. Beer is looked at here from all angles: we tell its history, discuss its types, styles, show how to brew it yourself, and we invite you to the kitchen to show that it can be an equally noble and elegant drink as wine.

The history of Wroclaw Good Beer Festival dates back to 2010. Its founders are Joanna Boś, events organizer at the “Zamek” Cultural Centre, and Agnieszka Wołczaska-Prasolik, creator of the Wrocław Brewing Workshop. The blend of passion, experience, desire to create something unique and an abundance of ideas meant that within a few years, what was at first a local beer-lovers’ feast, has become a prominent, large-scale event attracting visitors from all over Poland and from abroad. We have welcomed festivalgoers and exhibitors from countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Great Britain.

The Wrocław Good Beer Festival has become a permanent fixture on the beer lover’s calendar. The first four editions were held at the Leśnica Castle, the headquarters of the “Zamek” Cultural Centre, the event’s organiser. However, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of the Festival, in 2014 we decided to move the Festival to the Municipal Stadium in Wrocław. It is currently the most advanced multi-purpose facility in the Lower Silesia region, a venue hosting a variety of large-scale events such as major concerts featuring international stars and big sporting events.

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