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St. John’s Night is an event with a very long tradition. For the first time it was organized in Leśnica in the middle of the 70s and – with short breaks – has been organized annually since then. At present it is one of the events of the Wroclaw Days. A very good season – hot, long June nights – and a very interesting programme make the event one of the most often visited outdoor events organized by the Cultural Centre “ZAMEK”.

St. John’s night is a family event, an outdoor presentation, which takes place in the surroundings of the castle in Leśnica: on the terraces, in the amphitheatre and in the landscape park. We give our visitors a chance to spend their free time in an unusual, interesting way, with an opportunity to take part in various artistic and cultural activities. The event consists of two parts: St. John’s fair and educational-artistic presentations: competitions, concerts, shows (taking place both in the theatre and in the park). Each participant of the event has a chance to get to know the old customs and beliefs in the power of nature:  wreathing garlands and putting them on the water, jumping over the fire. In the artistic part of the event guests have a chance to listen to groups playing folk and ethno music. Annually around 2000 – 3000 participants participate in the event.

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